Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

FAQQ - What types of companies are CAIX members?

A - Licensed ISPs in Egypt and PCH ANYCast servers.

Q - Where is CAIX located?

A - Ramsis CO, Telecom Egypt main Central Office, where all ISPs are co-located and all international bandwidth providers (SMW3, SMW4, FLAG, …etc.) had their gears co-located.

Q - Does CAIX make money?

A -No. It’s for free. We do not collect money from our members.

Q - Where are CAIX staff located?

A -NTRA building, Smart Village.

Q - What is an Internet Exchange?

A - The Internet is a worldwide network of networks. These different types of networks are connected together using the Internet protocol (IP). An Internet Exchange is a place where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can interconnect these independent networks and exchange Internet traffic with each other. This exchanging of national and/or international IP traffic on an Internet Exchange is generally known as ’peering’. CAIX members exchange their local IP traffic inside Egypt.

Q - What is peering?

A -Peering is the exchange of traffic between ISPs. In order to settle the terms to which this exchange takes place, ISPs use peering agreements that often do not include an exchange of money. This helps to reduce the costs of IP Traffic in a significant way. One of the largest costs facing any ISP nowadays are the upstream capacity costs of connections. Peering arrangements at an exchange reduce the need to send IP traffic through a bandwidth upstream provider. One single connection to an exchange point (such as CAIX) may reduce the need for multiple connections. Here at CAIX, members are easily able to connect up with each other and enjoy the full benefits of peering. Every member at CAIX is in the position to peer with all other connected ISP's although they are not required to.

Q - Are ISPs at CAIX and CAIX gear IPv6 ready?

A -All Class A ISPs are IPv6 ready. CAIX router/switches are IPv6 ready. TEDATA, Etisalat, and Vodafone exchange their IPv6 traffic through CAIX switch now.

Q - Is CAIX connected to any other ISP in the world?

A -At the moment no. But there are several plans for connecting it to other IXPs in Africa and Arab region.

Q - I have a question not answered here, who should I talk to?

A - Email us at AT, or AT

Q - Is CAIX a neutral site?

A - CAIX is neutral Exchange Point. Neutrality is very Important for ISPs in Egypt, actually it’s a condition for connectivity.